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Home Design: Dream House


夢の住まいを完璧な方法でデザインしましょうDESIGN YOUR DREAM HOME IN BEST POSSIBLE WAY夢の住まいを建てたいですか?このシミュレーションアプリはあなたの住まいをデザインし装飾することができます。3D の家具や装飾品を使用することが可能です。定期的に遊ぶことで新しいアイテムを手に入れ、住まいの価値をあげ、家賃を回収できます。床と壁紙をカスタマイズできます。もっと部屋を作るために住まいを拡張できます。リビング、ベッドルーム、キッチン、トイレ、書斎などを流行の家具を使用してデザインできます。3Dであなたの夢の住まいをシミュレーションできます。それぞれのアイテムを4つの向きに回転することができます。内部だけでなく庭も木などで装飾することができます。内部と外部の装飾アプリ。
Do you want to build the home of your dream? This is perfect simulation app to design & decorate your home with best 3d looking furniture and other decors. Play regularly and increase your home value with new items and collect rent timely. Customise floor and wallpaper. Expand your house for more rooms. Design your Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Study room and much more with lots of fashionable furniture. Simulate the house of your dream in 3D view. You can rotate each items in 4 views. Not only interior but also design your garden with trees. Both interior & exterior decorator.
~Over 300 home decor items to place on your house.~All high quality 3d items from 4 views.~HD graphics with retina display effect.~Variety of rooms to unlock. Toilet with each master rooms.~Change wallpaper and tiles anytime.~All Furniture, Electronics, Bathroom and Kitchen items.~Change Floor, Wall, Doors and Windows.~Easy to customise anytime and frequently.~Nice environment with garden and roads.~You can decorate garden with trees, flowers also.~Sharp Graphics and Animation.~Kitchen cabinets, counters, stoves, oven & refrigerator.~Nice bathtubs, shower, basin, commode and other bathroom vanities.~Collect rent after few hours. More the house value more rent you get.~Change flooring and wallpaper of each room separately.~Not only game but also real interior design simulator.~Start from living room and unlock kitchen, toilet and many others gradually.~Sims like virtual house management game.~Good for kids, girls and adults like style and fashion.~Build the best of your imagination.~Best home decor app to design your home and garden.~Order your furniture from furniture stores and will delivered after a while.~Lots of colourful bedroom sets, sofa sets, kitchen cabinets & sinks, bathroom accessories and special kids furniture.~Good to improve your remodelling and decorating ideas, home design ideas.~Option for both interior and exterior design.